16 Jan
Merely the Prologue

For CIRCE I'm required to read David Hick's Treatise of Education, Norms and Nobility

In year two, we read it for the second time and having just finished the prologue I'm reminded of the density of his words. Reading something for a second time, meditating upon the words and bringing to it our own growth is in itself a profound experience and so classical in nature. However, a book needs enough to ponder to make this worthwhile.  I'm intrigued by what I underlined during my first read, and am adding to it (can't seem to take away) during this second read.

Themes to Ponder:

1. Classically educating for the soul's salvation vs. educating for the fight of the world.

2. The classical value of studying science to enhance our understanding of the material world, rather than trying to alter or conquer the material world.

3. The simple question: What ought to be? vs. our modern world question of What can be?

4. Modern education's lust for power, sex, self vs the classical ideal of educating a person to be self-governing.  Another simple concept, and yet such foreign works in our modern system.

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