My Classical Journey

Seeking Beauty, Goodness and Truth

Juliana Schneider has worked within public schools for over twenty years, most recently as Building Principal. Seeking a more integrated life, she finds herself looking beyond the limitations of public schools. Finding inspiration from her beautiful Orthodox Christian Faith and heritage, her family, the past Great Thinkers and the many people she is meeting on this classical journey, she is working toward starting a Classical School. She was fortunate to stumble upon the CIRCE Institute and enrolled in their 3-year Apprenticeship program. She thought she would be studying Classical Education and has quickly learned that in fact she is learning how to be a more thoughtful and intentional person. She is delving into all the books she wished she read years ago, learning to define terms like education, and is enjoying meeting others who are challenging her in ways she never expected. Most importantly, she is watching the silos begin to merge; personal, professional, spiritual....
While she writes this, her silly greyhound Nellie is trying to be a lapdog, the twinkle lights are twinkling and there is light jazz humming in the background. She lives on the North Shore of Massachusetts.
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